What do I mean by density? It means pursuing smart development in our downtown core that adds dense living - e.g., apartments - that make it so there are just more people who wake up in our downtown core wanting a cup of coffee, some groceries, or a pint of beer after work. That is, it helps contribute to the demand needed to sustain current businesses and attract new ones. 

That's why I pushed to develop a mixed-use site at the Eastern and Rhode Island Avenue that includes apartment living, and continue pushing for dense development along Rhode Island Avenue.

And while increasing the sheer volume of people present in our downtown core is great for demand, it's not the only factor to consider. Such development will also increase the diversity of people shopping in our downtown core - especially in comparison to those, like me, who live in a single-family home. For example, a single person living in an apartment eats and shops at very different times than a family of four. As a result, such a diverse customer base helps keep a restaurant servicing customers at more times in the day and increases the potential for a more diverse array of goods and services, helping us sustain a healthy local economy.