News on MRPD

Hi Friends,

Tonight and tomorrow, you may see some news on NBC News 4 or the Washington Post that discusses last year's investigation into claims of sexual harassment and financial improprieties within MRPD.

If you'll recall, the city ordered an independent investigation of the matter and the City Manager released a statement on the matter last year.

Please know the news is not reporting on any new event. Rather, one individual involved in ongoing litigation with the city that stems from last year's investigation has decided to contact news outlets on their own accord. Due to the ongoing litigation, we cannot comment any further on this situation other than providing you with the city's press release, which is:

The City is unable to address the specifics of the allegations because they involve confidential personnel matters and a pending legal claim. However, City management promptly and properly addressed the allegations of sexual harassment when first reported in accordance with our sexual harassment policy, including hiring an outside attorney to conduct a comprehensive investigation and taking steps to protect the complainant from retaliation. All of the individuals who were accused of sexual harassment are no longer employed by the Mount Rainier Police Department, and the Department has a new police chief and an entirely new command staff. The City is confident that it will prevail when the legal process concludes. 

We want to underscore one very important point - all of the individuals who were accused of sexual harassment are no longer employed by MRPD. While we wish we could provide you more details, we hope this sets some of your concerns to ease.

Since moving onto new leadership at MRPD, we have completely restructured MRPD from a patrol-based model to a community policing model. We are confident in MRPD's current leader, Chief Anthony Morgan, who has pushed for our police force to be more engaged with the community and has shown poise throughout the current media inquiries we have received.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us.

Luke and Celina